Thursday, August 29th, 3pm @Graydon-on-Main

Reely Queer Film: A Discussion of Queer Storytelling

Join us for an open discussion with Jennifer Howd, Chris Fortin, and Alyx McLaughlin on sharing queer persepectives in the filmmaking world. Challenges, triumphs, and personal stories from three filmmakers exploring the current culture and social commentary on bringing queer stories to the general public.

Thursday, August 29th, 4pm @Graydon-on-Main

Carving Your Own Path: How to Stand Out in a Crowded Space

Gregory JM Kasunich is an award winning film and commercial director. His body of work includes national & global campaigns and short form content for brands such as Disney, Lucasfilm, General Mills, DirectTV, Mattel, iHeartRadio and Taylor Swift.

Gregory's work is visually stylized, musically and rhythmically driven, often times incorporating elements of animation, choreography, and highly technical camera work. His work generally contains minimal dialogue and leans more into the visual aspects of storytelling in order to minimize the distance between the audience and the subject. Beginning his career at Dreamworks, Gregory’s knowledge of animation makes him uniquely suited to direct projects that integrate both live action and animation elements.

Originally from Pittsburg, PA, Gregory is currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

Friday, August 30th, 2pm @Graydon-on-Main

Film and Design: Creating a Dynamic Poster for your Movie

Think your film poster is a bit lackluster? Not even sure where to start when creating an evocating film image? Join Jason Snell of design company BLDG to discuss impact and dynamism in film posters and watch as he re-designs one poster from this year’s festival!

Friday, August 30th, 3pm @Graydon-on-Main

Video for Good! Community Engagement with Film Stories

Stories allow for walls to come down and empathy and understanding to be built in their place. Stories are the key to relationships and relationships are the key to community. With personal story, Cincy Stories hopes to build a deep community of listening, understanding and empathy. Whether through our monthly live storytelling events, short documentary videos, or community engagement work we know that stories do sacred things and simply want to take part in the hearing and telling of our collective stories. Join Cincy Stories in this learning masterclass where they discuss community involvement, challenges, and the impact reaching into your community can have on your storytelling.

Friday, August 30th, 4pm @Graydon-on-Main

6 + Emmys and Counting! Insider Look to winning Emmy Awards

Cincy Stories is back (catch their masterclass immediately preceding this one,) to share insight into the Emmy-process. Cincy Stories has won over 6 Emmys in the last three years, and isn’t stopping there!

Saturday, August 31st, 2pm @Graydon-on-Main

The Wild Adventures of Distributing an Independent Film

2018 Cindependent alums Ryan Hartsock, Motke Dapp, and Perry Davis return with ‘Other Versions of You,’ a feature film that screened at last year’s festival! Last year’s excitement was over their recent distribution deal, but there are ups - and downs - to every distribution deal, and the last year has taught these three a few large lessons they are here to share. Bring your notebooks, take those notes, and let’s figure out how to get your next big project distributed!

Saturday, August 31st, 3pm @Graydon-on-Main

Novice to Ninja: Making the transition from an amateur to professional filmmaker

Motke Dapp (dir. ‘Other Versions of You,’ ‘The Ghosting of Elise Montgomery,’ etc.) joins us to share his smart transition from an amateur to professional filmmaker, directing commercial and feature projects in Nashville, TN. Motke got his start in filmmaking through the 48 Hour Film Project, winning Best Film 5 of the 10 times he's competed. He is an American writer and director who always tries to eat a balanced breakfast at least once a day. He's handcrafted, along with other amazing filmmakers, a plethora of whimsical, award-winning short films and a couple of feature films including his most recent, Other Versions of You. Motke's home is in Nashville, but he has a car and the ability to find airports because he never wants the adventures to end.

Saturday, August 31st, 4pm @Graydon-on-Main

Politics and Film Today: Putting Women in their Place

Megan Park is the founder and CEO of ‘Putting Women in their Place,’ a company focused on using film and video to support female-identifying candidates in the country’s current political world. Join her to discuss filmmaking in a political world, hear the steps of incorporating her business, and watch as she works with a local candidate to produce an amazing, relaxed political video.