Cindependent Film Festival EARLYBIRD Deadline is OVER


Filmmakers and writers still have two months to enter work for consideration

Cincinnati, OH ( March 15, 2019) - In just a few short months, the Cindependent Film Festival has received more than 200 film and screenplay submissions! CFF has once again partnered with FilmFreeway ( this year to provide artists from across the country an easy and affordable way to submit their work.

The earlybird deadline ended on February 28th, with submissions costing only $10. Plenty took advantage, with a total of 217 short films, screenplays, feature films and more collected for the CFF judging panel to decide on what will make the cut for the 2019 festival. The regular deadline, still a bargain at only $15, is April 24th, 2019.

Evaluating the current films and screenplays, founder and creative director Allyson West said, “I am overwhelmed with the impressive submissions we are receiving so far this year! It's rewarding to have last year's hard work pay off with more amazing stories from more amazing filmmakers. I can't wait to watch them all and develop our 2019 program!”

The reputation of the Cindependent Film Festival is spreading! This same time last year, the festival had received less than half the amount of submissions currently being considered. Following the success of the first year, CFF was named one of the Top 100 Best Reviewed Film Festivals by FilmFreeway and this year has partnered with Drive House Media for a unique opportunity for one lucky and talented filmmaker to pitch a short film and have it completely produced by DMH and then premier at the Cindependent Film Festival on opening night! Details on that exciting contest can be found here:

Cindependent Film Festival is back for 2019! Press Conference with a Special Announcement!

Presenting a New Film Opportunity in 2019!

Cincinnati, OH ( January 21, 2019 ) - Coming off an outstanding debut with a Top 100 Best Reviewed Festivals
ranking on FilmFreeway, Cindependent Film Festival is returning in the summer of 2019, and we want to tell you all about our plans! We’re holding a news conference on Thursday, January 31, 5:00pm EST at the Mini Microcinema. Founder Allyson West and the CFF team will be there to answer your questions and highlight new features for 2019. Those new features include an Opening Night Film Competition, presented by Drive Media House. One lucky filmmaking team will get the chance to partner with Drive Media House to produce their film in greater Cincinnati and debut it at the Cindependent Film Festival, which saw hundreds of submissions and thousands of attendees in 2018!

We will be streaming this news conference LIVE on the Cindependent Film Festival Facebook Page

WHAT: Cindependent Film Festival 2019 News Conference
WHERE: Mini Microcinema, 1329 Main Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
WHEN: Thursday, January 31, 2019, at 5:00pm EST

See you there!



Cindependent Film Festival once again accepting films and screenplays for consideration.

Cincinnati, OH ( December, 4 2018 ) - The Cindependent Film Festival is coming back to Over-the-Rhine in 2019 and is once again looking for the best films and screenplays to amaze, intrigue and impress our audience.

CFF is kicking off the re-opening of submissions with a special event this Friday evening at the Mini Microcinema. Light snacks and drinks will be provided and the event is free and open to the public.

Drive Media House presents Cindependent: Open for Submissions Happy Hour! will be held on Friday, December 7th at the Mini Microcinema at 1329 Main Street in OTR from 5:00pm - 7:00pm.

This is a chance for anyone to learn everything there is to know about submitting their work to be considered for the Cindependent Film Festival in 2019, including filmmakers, writers, editors, actors, directors and producers.

Last year, the festival drew thousands of people to the Woodward Theater for three days and nights of films, shorts, screenplays and celebrations. Now is the chance to learn about being part of that excitement!

"If you are interested in submitting, you should definitely come to the happy hour this Friday,” says Allyson West, founder and creative director of the Cindependent Film Festival. “It's so special to see a filmmaker and then connect their submitted film to the experience of meeting them, giving the programmer a better idea of who you are and what you intend in your work."

More information about this event can be found on Facebook.  VIDEO: Click here!

Need more convincing? How about the unveiling of a BRAND NEW feature for CFF in 2019? Don’t be left out!

WHERE: Mini Microcinema, 1329 Main Street, Cincinnati  - WHEN: 5:00pm-7:00pm Friday, December 7


The Cindependent Film Festival is presented by CIFF, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create a home for independent filmmaking in Cincinnati, Ohio. CIFF strives to bring professional resources to filmmakers so as to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit of filmmaking. CIFF will provide community camaraderie, drawing filmmakers from around Ohio, the US, and the world, educating the community in the art and craft of filmmaking.

The Cindependent Film Festival will be held Thursday through Saturday, August 29-31, 2019 at the Woodward Theater and Mini MicroCinema in Over-the-Rhine.   

Find CFF on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online at

Cindependent Film Festival Partners with Festivault



CFF films will be available online during the festival and after it ends

Cincinnati, OH (Aug 6, 2018) - The Cindependent Film Festival is making it even easier to enjoy great independent films! We’re partnering with Festivault, an online platform that lets you watch the movies from a film festival you may have missed. It’s also a great way to rewatch a film you loved after the festival has ended. “We are absolutely thrilled to be working with the amazing folks at Cindependent Film Festival. They have curated an exciting program this year and we can't wait to bring it to our platform for everyone to enjoy,” says Hamzah Jamjoom, Co-Founder and President of Festivault. “We aim to bring people together and give our audience access to films they might not otherwise be exposed to. Festivals like Cindependent are paving the way for independent films with unique and daring stories that are capable of changing the world. It is our honor to extend their reach beyond their physical festival, theater, and city. We want everyone across the country and around the world to see the Cindependent program on their favorite screen.”

Festivault Passes for the Cindependent Film Festival will be available starting August 23 (the day CFF starts) and they last through August 28, three days after the screenings in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, giving you a chance to enjoy the films in the comfort of your home! Festivault Passes cost $20 and can be purchased at “Festivault is seriously the next wave of film fests,” said Cindependent Film Festival Founder and Creative Director, Allyson West. “Sharing our festival with people regardless of location is an amazing opportunity, and we’re so excited about what the Festivault team is doing with this!”

The Cindependent Film Festival is less than a month away! Our Selected Film schedule and ticket information can be found at

FAQ: What is Festivault?
Festivault is a platform that brings the physical film festival to your preferred screen. You can “attend” a film festival from the comfort of your home by simply purchasing a FEST PASS.

What is a Fest Pass?
It's our fancy way of saying an online ticket. It allows you to watch ALL the films from a participating film festival on our platform. This online pass works exactly the same as any physical pass you buy at a film festival.

How long does a Fest Pass last?
The duration of a Fest Pass varies from festival to festival, but they will always last for at least the duration of the festival. For example: If a festival is 5 days long, the fest pass will last for at least 5 days. Some festivals will choose to extend access beyond that date giving viewers more time to enjoy their favorite films. Check out FESTIVAULT.TV for more information.

Are all the films from the film festival available with the pass?
For the most part, yes! Although it is uncommon, some filmmakers do not wish to participate in our platform. In those unlikely events, we will respect the wishes of the filmmakers and accommodate their needs. On average, 90% of the film festival’s programming is included in your pass purchase. Check out FESTIVAULT.TV for more information.

Can I just buy a ticket to see one film?
No. Our passes are for the entire programming for each film festival. In order to see a specific film in a given film festival, you will have to buy the fest pass for that film festival. But guess what? Now you can watch a bunch of killer movies with your pass.

WVXU: A New Festival Will Spotlight Independent Film

Supporting and spotlighting the independent filmmaking community in Cincinnati is the driving mission behind the upcoming Cindependent Film Festival

Founder and Creative Directory Allyson West, with her newborn baby snuggled up to her, talks with Jim Stump about the films and festivities that will take place August 23-25. Click link above to listen.

Festival Formula interviews Allyson West on The Cindependent Film Festival

Allyson West of Cindependent Film Festival

Festival / Interview / by Kate Stocker-Wright

  • Tell us about your festival

The Cinedependent Film Festival is a 3-day event at the historic Woodward theater in Cincinnati, Ohio that taking place 23-26 August, so this month! The festival is designed to showcase amazing independent film while showcasing the city of Cincinnati off to indie filmmakers. We have amazing enrichment activities planned, as well as involvement from many businesses in downtown Cincy to give a full, robust, fun festival experience.

  • What made you start your film festival?

Honestly, I attended so many festivals that treated me like a filmmaking rockstar in 2017, and it just really showed me how communities can come together to support independent film. Cincy didn’t have anything like what I envisioned as the dream indie film fest, and I just had to get it going!

  • What are you most looking forward to in your next edition?

Sharing our official selections with the community. I’m excited to share the movie excitement I have when attending festival with all of our community members!

  • What have you learnt the most from being involved with a film festival?

Oh gosh, that the sky is the limit I think. I went into this planning year wanting to be able to provide a lot of perks for our filmmakers, and with a super strong team in place we are able to do so. We partnered with 21c to provide 2 nights/lodging for selected films, we have booked great opening/closing parties, and our networking opportunities are more than ‘business as usual.’

  • How does your selection process work?

Films get assigned to a minimum of two reviewers, who rate using a rubric. I also watch all of the films and read all of the screenplays. Ultimately we come together to discuss content, and films that score high enough move into additional consideration for the festival. All of our reviewers hold degrees in film or screenwriting, or have an impressive history in the industry.

  • What’s your protocol for sending out rejections?

Well, I will be sending out emails to filmmakers. We have seen such incredible movies this year that it’s bumming me out that not all of them will make it into the festival.

  • Length of short film – discuss…

8-12 minutes is my sweet spot AND KEEP THE CREDITS SHORT.

  • Describe your festival in five words or three emojis

Happy face, Rainbow, dancing emoji.

  • What’s a personal favourite film festival of yours?

Twister Alley Film Festival is my favorite festival of all time, so far. It’s in Woodward, Oklahoma and there really is nothing to do out there but enjoy the people, landscape, and festival for three days. It’s awesome.

  • What do you wish more filmmakers did, and didn’t do?

I wish more researched why they would be a good fit for our festival before submitting, and I wish they wouldn’t make their short films 17 mins long (usually there’s a solid three minutes that can be cut.)

  • What questions do you get asked the most by filmmakers?

Where is the free alcohol booth?  (answer it’s in the VIP lounge.)

  • What’s your favourite film?
    Usually it’s Forrest Gump, but it changes all of the time.
  • And drink of choice whilst the festival is underway…?
    Holy cow let’s make it Jameson, followed by a Corona.

Cindependent Film Festival Press/Media Credentials - Now Accepting!

Press and media credentials are now being accepted for individuals and organizations wishing to cover the Cindepedent Film Festival, August 23-25 at the Woodward Theater, Mini MicroCinema and MOTR Pub in Over-the-Rhine.

Please submit your request for credentials no later than Friday, August 3rd.

You will be notified, if accepted, no later than Friday, August 10th.

Requests for credentials received later than the August 3rd deadline will be evaluated and granted on a case-by-case basis.

When submitting for credentialing, please include the following:



Telephone #: 


Organization website:



Planned days of attendance:

Reason for coverage (specific film(s) or filmmakers? General interest? Local press? We want to connect you to whoever will fit your coverage the best!):

Press/Media Credentials will get you access to:
 - Upper level seating of Woodward Theater with work space including tables, chairs, work area and power supply.
 - Access to all events and activities (see website for full list - subject to availability based on response)
 - Access to filmmakers and CFF team for interviews, photos and video

We welcome coverage on all levels and our goal is to make your job as easy as possible. Please contact us with any questions and we hope to see you at the Cindependent Film Festival!

ArtsWave helps fund Cindependent Film Festival!


Cincinnati OH - (June 25, 2018) - CIFF and the Cindepedent Film Festival are thrilled to be included in the latest round of grants from ArtsWave’s 2018 Community Campaign!

On Friday, ArtsWave announced the final recipients of their Catalyzing Impact Grants and CIFF (the nonprofit parent organization and presenter of CFF) received $11,250 toward their mission.

“We are proud to support the Cindependent Film Festival through the ArtsWave Community Campaign, since it drives our goals of boosting Cincinnati as a great place for the arts and bringing people together,” notes ArtsWave President & CEO Alecia Kintner.

The grant will help fund the multi-genre film festival in numerous ways, including bringing filmmakers to Cincinnati to interact with their audience directly. Tickets are on sale NOW for the Cindependent Film Festival. Details and ticket prices and other details for individual film blocks, day passes and VIP packages are available at


The Cindependent Film Festival is presented by CIFF, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create a home for independent filmmaking in Cincinnati, Ohio. CIFF strives to bring professional resources to filmmakers so as to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit of filmmaking. CIFF will provide community camaraderie, drawing filmmakers from around Ohio, the US, and the world, educating the community in the art and craft of filmmaking.

The Cindependent Film Festival will be held Thursday through Sunday, August 23-25, 2018 at the Woodward Theater, MOTR Pub and the Mini MicroCinema in Over-the-Rhine. Submissions are being accepted through FilmFreeway until July 3. Official Selections will be announced on July 4, 2018: Cindependence Day!   

Find CFF on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online at