Check back here for tickets starting June 1, 2018!

VIP and Day Pass sales begin June 1, 2018.

Single Screen ticket sales begin July 12, 2018.


$250.00 - VIP Pass
Access to all programmed screenings Thursday - Saturday, access to the catered VIP Filmmaker Lounge, access to all networking and VIP parties.

You consider yourself a connoisseur of film and love the "inside track." You have curiosity to burn and can't wait to learn all you can about CFF filmmakers and our 2018 movies. You want to hit every party, you need to hear every workshop, and you want to ensure your seat on the VIP-Only Lounge is ready with your preferred drink and snack for optimum movie-viewing experience. Celebs? Say hi. Programmers? Say hi. Filmmakers? Become best buds, because you've got the all-access pass to programming, parties, and VIP lounging in both The Woodward and Micro Cinema.



$25.00 - Day Pass
Access to all programmed screenings on one single day

$70.00 - Three Day Pass
Access to all programmed screenings Thursday - Saturday

You love indie film and you are craving summer days in OTR.

Buy your 1-Day or 3-Day Festival Pass to ensure full exhaustion of festival fun and have access to all-day programming at the Mini, MOTR, and The Woodward Theater including movies, workshops, and meet-and-greets and day-of parties.

Stick around with your pass to meet artists before and after screenings and claim your cindependence by experiencing how great independent filmmaking with The Cindependent Film Festival truly can be.


$10.00 - Single Screening
Access to one screening block

No time to commit to a full day of indie shorts and features?

Tickets are available for purchase for one screening block to catch your favorite indie short film or see a genre of your choice. Comedy? Drama? Student? Family? We have you covered.

Check out our schedule (releasing July 2018) for details and purchase your seat in advance.