$250.00 - VIP Pass
Access to all programmed screenings Thursday - Saturday, access to the catered VIP Filmmaker Lounge, access to all networking and VIP parties.

You consider yourself a connoisseur of film and love the "inside track." You have curiosity to burn and can't wait to learn all you can about CFF filmmakers and our 2018 movies. You want to hit every party, you need to hear every workshop, and you want to ensure your seat on the VIP-Only Lounge is ready with your drink and snack for optimum movie-viewing experience. Celebs? Say hi. Programmers? Say hi. Filmmakers? Become best buds, because you've got the all-access pass to programming, parties, and VIP lounging in both The Woodward and Micro Cinema.

Please note screenings at the Mini are not guaranteed per your ticket as these events are limited to 35 seated, and free to the public.




$25.00 - Day Pass
Access to all programmed screenings on one single day

$70.00 - Three Day Pass
Access to all programmed screenings Thursday - Saturday

You love indie film and you are craving summer days in OTR.

Buy your 1-Day or 3-Day Festival Pass to ensure full exhaustion of festival fun and have access to all-day programming at the Mini, MOTR, and The Woodward Theater including movies, workshops, and meet-and-greets and day-of parties.

Stick around with your pass to meet artists before and after screenings and claim your cindependence by experiencing how great independent filmmaking with The Cindependent Film Festival truly can be.

buy day passes here


$10.00 - Single Screening
Access to one screening block

No time to commit to a full day of indie shorts and features?

Tickets are available for purchase for one screening block to catch your favorite indie short film or see a genre of your choice. Comedy? Drama? Student? Family? We have you covered.

Single screen passes availabe here.



Unable to attend Cindependent in person?

We are pleased to announce that Cindependent Film Festival will be listed on FESTIVAULT as a digital extension experience.

tickets for the online only experience: $20

What is Festivault?
Festivault is a platform that brings the physical film festival to your preferred screen. You can “attend” a film festival from the comfort of your home by simply purchasing a FEST PASS.

What is a Fest Pass?
It's our fancy way of saying an online ticket. It allows you to watch ALL the films from a participating film festival on our platform. This online pass works exactly the same as any physical pass you buy at a film festival.

How long does a Fest Pass last?
The duration of a Fest Pass varies from festival to festival, but they will always last for at least the duration of the festival. For example: If a festival is 5 days long, the fest pass will last for at least 5 days. Some festivals will choose to extend access beyond that date giving viewers more time to enjoy their favorite films. Check out FESTIVAULT.TV for more information.

Are all the films from the film festival available with the pass?
For the most part, yes! Although it is uncommon, some filmmakers do not wish to participate in our platform. In those unlikely events, we will respect the wishes of the filmmakers and accommodate their needs. On average, 90% of the film festival’s programming is included in your pass purchase. Check out FESTIVAULT.TV for more

Can I just buy a ticket to see one film?
No. Our passes are for the entire programming for each film festival. In order to see a specific film in a given film festival, you will have to buy the fest pass for that film festival. But guess what? Now you can watch a bunch of killer movies with your pass.

Passes to Cindependent Film Festival via Festivault available here.